How to be Heard When No One is Listening without Losing Your Cool!

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You Will Learn My 3 Secrets

Pillar 1:

Growth Mindset

Watch personal barriers disappear

Change self-doubt to confidence

Push through the feeling of overwhelm

Create a realistic plan

Pillar 2:

The GAP: Your Safe Place

Consider alternative responses

Decide on your smartest choice

We have options on which words are spoken

Lower your stress level

Pillar 3:

Make Conversations Safe

Talk to “almost” anyone about “almost” anything. It’s all about the intent

Is it important to get positive results or be right? Reduce your drama

What They Have To Say About Joyce

Wendy Edelman, MBA

Inside Sales Director at Great Minds

Joyce recently trained our leadership team on how to run more engaging meetings with our sales team. In the past, we did a lot of talking to our sales team members and it was obvious they were not leaving the meeting super energized or even retaining what we taught them.

Immediately after our training with Joyce, we implemented a few tactics such as ‘revisiting’ what we wanted the team to know, rather than ‘retraining’ them.

Dania Inowe

Senior Human Resource Manager

One of my original concerns when starting the coaching sessions, was the length & effectiveness of the process. I was very pleased to see how fast my interactions with Managers and colleagues improved with just a few sessions.

I am very thankful for your support in helping me bring out the best of me, and for helping me clarify my thought process and goals. I loved your energy and professionalism, I will sure miss you.

About Your Host

Joyce teaches her clients how to handle conflicts and power struggles with peer bullying, micromanagers, or mediocrity with confidence while keeping their cool.

What makes Joyce’s consulting, coaching and on-line programs unique is not just the content she delivers, it is also the personalized, fun interactive style, and 30 years of business, facilitation, education, and training experience found in everything she does.


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